Thursday, July 26, 2007

About the Author and the Blog

The Author.

I have a full name but usually people just called me with the name "Faizal". Being imaginative and creative is the thing that I really want to do, but believe me, for people like me, it is not an easy thing. I live in one of the state in Malaysia named Perak or in English, it means "Silver". The legend of how this state gets its name where ages ago, the main river in this state was Silver in color. Yeah, it is hard to believe, not only you but myself too.

Currently I am legal study student in the greatest local university called Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam. 2009 is my second year and 2010 will be my third and last year, and if I get offer, I will further my study for LLB. So, blogging is a part of my life beside law textbooks, cases, lectures, tutorials and assignments. It is a hard life being a law student, but till this moment, I am happy with it.

I love to meet more bloggers and sharing thoughts, feelings and knowledge. So, if you care to exhange the links, please do so.

The blog.

Reestablish blog. Started in 2007 and this blog had been left behind for a while until the author reestablish in early of the year 2008.

Have a great day here.