Thursday, January 24, 2008


Something happened today after the constitutional tutorial. I was looking for someone who is very important to ask something which is very important. I couldn't find the person at the person's office. I try to call the person's mobile phone, and someone answered and said the person with that particular name doesn't own that number.

I am very upset, dissapointed and quite angry with the situation. That I started to think that something not good will happen to my student's life as the student of Bachelor of Legal Study. I quite worried if I not able to perform as well as I did in my Pre Law.

Humiliation is the first thing I hate. That's what was happened in last few days which made me so encourage to meet that important person.

The anger is still in me.



dude, what happened? and because of that himiliation, it encourages yout to meet someone? face-to-face? don't tell me you are going to pick up a fight!

bro..hahaha.. no fight.. actually is about my lecturer didnt answer my call and didnt reply my message, everything is settle down now, he had reason why he didnt answer my call last few days. His wife was not so well. I hope his wife will better soon..

just be patient. dont get angry to much