Saturday, January 19, 2008

Came back from the Great "LDK"

While I was writing this entry, I just came back from my LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan), and I can say it was the only greatest LDK I ever had until this day. Thank you to Bro Najib a.k.a Along to be just a great facilitator. But it was not about the LDK I really want to talk about. This is about one conversation happened between Along and myself regarding the business he is doing right now.

I was impressed by what Along is doing. Being a consultant in self development and career development. The good things beside making profit, are to help people to develop theirselve and in to develop ourselves too. Along told me about the benefit of joining that field and I pretty interested with the idea of being consultant and doing a consultation work.

Ermm, actually I'm wondering if I can go for training in his company while I am a full time student, and Along said, I may, but the time management is the most important thing if I want to go for the training.

Ahh, for now, I can't still make a wise decision.. Maybe one day, I hope so..