Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Eight subjects to cover make me sick sometimes. Eventhough it still early of my study, I can feel how hard it gonna be. I feel tired going through five tiring days. When Friday comes, it feels so good. Its like a lazy time for me, plus Saturday and Sunday, make me lazier, but I can't feel that way so much. I want to be lazy on those days, but I exactly can't. I have to read books, make revision, checking on past year question, maintaining my student's life and one thing I like to do so much is updating my beloved blog.

I really want to enjoy my Friday, Saturday and Sunday, even I know I can't enjoy them so much, but it's great to have them in this life. I can rest at least and updating my blog.. Damn nice.



hahaha. that's true man. here's some good news. i just read my-rubik forum. there's a person with nickname zzzonked, who lives in kl, and i just invited him to meet and greet. he's great at playing rubik's cube. he can solve at 30 secs average. blindofolded at 5 mins average. i must meet him. care to join me? i thought that it would be best to do it by this weekend.

damn.. zzzoned? cool.. but, if you mean this weekend, sunday 3feb 08, i dont think i can join both of you, my ticket to go back for holiday is on 3feb, the day before, saturday 2feb08, i have to meet her. its good if you can alter the time to meet that guy. inform me later dude..

there r rubik's maniac?never heard of tis b4..huk2..

haha..try to not become a lazy person on those three days..but laziest....ketemu orang dari bandar yang sama(gerik), minat yang sama dan part time yang sama(uptrend)

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saudari Atiqah::
sekarang kamu sudah tahu adanya rubik's maniac. kami ini minoriti. sikit bilangan kami. tp kami unik dan berbahaya dan kami membuatkan orang kagum dan tertanya-tanya. sila beri lagi pandangan kamu tentang rubik's maniac. boleh layari youtube atau metacafe untuk melihat video video penyelesaian rubik's cube.

saudara Musafir::
ahhh.. orang kampung rupanya.. senang sekali ketemu orang seperti kamu. boleh jadi, disamping tempat yang sama, minat yang sama dan part time yang sama, barangkali kita juga berdiri di atas titi perjuangn yang sama.. siapa tahu kan?

hahaha.. dont you think those three days exactly the time to totally have fun.. yeah, I think so..