Thursday, January 31, 2008

Madam I*i*i

Last week when I was attending her tutorial class, she look such as fierce lecturer. At first it made me wondering why she so anger with us, then after she made a statement regarding no preparation from my class on the tutorial question, I knew why she was angered. Today, I attended her second tutorial class, everything okay, all friends participated-she smiled, after all tutorial questions were answered, she told us the story when she was a law student, we finished class early. Thanks Madam I*i*i, today, eventhough this person doesn't realize, instead taught me the particular subject, she had taught me to learn to know people from inside, not just based on the first impression like other people always emphasised.



Ada berapa nama Faizal dalam dunia agaknya. Saja tanya.

why you are hiding the name? I think she'll proud coz you are praising her... I used her coz you wrote it as MADAM I*i*I.. don't you feel that I'm right? just revealed the name, what's the problem??