Saturday, January 19, 2008

Minority Players

Almost 7 years ago, I have this friend who did a weird thing. (This friend still alive until now and he is one of the best friend). The weird thing he done didn't disturb anybody, but he impresses other people. The thing he done is only weird in Malaysia because not many people do what he is doing (however, I among the one who is doing what he is doing).

I called this friend and myself and also other persons who are doing the same thing as "minority players" because only small number of people play this thing in Malaysia. Never compared the scenario in other country such as Japan or some other western countries because they have many great players of this thing.

The thing I referred is the rubiks cube, I'm very sure you have heard about this stuff. See the picture above. The main motive of writing this entry, is to encourage more people to play this game. It's damn good, everybody should give a shot to solve it. Try to learn it slowly because there are a lot of many tutorial on the net, and you will find how great you will feel when you can successfully solve it. Start with 3x3x3 cube, then proceed to 4x4x4 cube and finally to 5x5x5 cube. Let be among the "minority players" and finally we can create a big community of rubiks cube's players in Malaysia. Good luck and have fun.

p/s: The target group of this entry is Malaysian especially Malaysian teenagers.
p/ss: The great thank you to Mr. Firdaus Shahrin to be my tutor of rubiks cube.