Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Painting the Colors on the Life

We said we want to live in very our own ways. We had been given the choice; A or Z, Black or White, South or East. But, that not the only choices we have. We have the right to paint the colors we want on our very own lives. We have a lot of choices, a lot of options. Some people colored their life with the one and only color. They choose the black, living in the dark side that actually they never want or they choose the white, living with the good heart and being so polite, eventhough sometimes they want some black area of their lives. Few people choose to be exactly the white kind of person, many of them forcely to color the life with black, and many many many people, being so colorful and that what most people does, being black-sometimes, being white-sometimes, on the other time of the life, people have blue, green, red, yellow, magenta, brown and etc. No one paint the colors on our lives, we ourselves paint the colors on our lives. The colors we want, the colors we choose, the colors which will bring ourselves to the ways or to the doors that we might have been expected or the ways, the doors that never go through of our minds.



Yeah, dats what life is.. I just found your blog and I think your blog is ok.. I don't write but I love reading other people's blogs. But, I don't think we totally color our life by ourselves, sometimes people around us, the environment, the background education and our family's conditions also have big influences in coloring our life. Maybe you are wrong in one side that you do not realize.