Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Patience of Learning

When people learning, the most crucial thing is the patience (actually based on my personal view). Without patience, people can learn nothing. Erm, basically I just want to write about the patience to learn how to solve the rubiks cube. I find out there are few people around me quite interested in this beautiful stuff, but they have no patience to learn the way to solve it. In Malaysia, this thing is nothing in the eyes of a lot of people. They don't even care about this great stuff. A few friends of mine asked me to teach them, but they want to solve it immediately, and that is very impossible without learning all the steps to solve it.

To learn the way to solve it, patience is needed before you can feel the last result of solving it. The most basic method for beginner which is layer by layer steps need time to understand and master it very well. I think this is the reason why people have no desire to play this incredible stuff, some people feel it is so childish to play it, but they exactly wrong by thinking that way.
But whatever, because there are people who willing to spread this game around Malaysia. Maybe, if this game being commercialized, it can be one of the method to help to reduce the social problem in Malaysia. I hope so..



Patience is one thing, but there is one element which is synchronously affected: TIME. People regardless of age and gender demand a glory success over a short amount of time.
Have you felt the same before?
Yes i do felt the same before. Whatever the occasion is, enthusiasm - a feeling of excitement - could be the catalyst. And how to get those great feelings?


Of course it is! For my entire speedcubing life, there are a few times that i stopped solving the rubik's cube.
I don't know, sometimes i felt that it was tiresome to achieve what i want, eventhough i knew that over time, i could achieve the goal succesfully. Sometimes i don't cube for a couple of days, week. And then my solve times will become worse, but after 10 to 20 solves, i'm back in shape! And guess what? I can get even better times!
And the video things?
Owh, by watching the video,it lights up my spirit. I thought like, " WTH, i want to do like that too!"
What about the beginners-time-solve-patience-whatever it is?
About that, if they do have the same enthusiasm like yours, and willing to kill their time over this obsession, i'm very sure they will achieve a better results in a short time.