Thursday, January 17, 2008

Real Things? Speculation?

Thank you to all those issues arose in Malaysia right now. All those issues, real thing or speculation, make this country so lively and make me so lively eventhough sometimes I don' t really want to have concern with what people said in their newspapers, in their blogs, personal websites, magazines, books and their home made videos, or action taken by hidden cctv.

Not so late, thank you to resignable Health Ministry, that was a good step to be taken. The responsibility to maintain the name of goverment and the name of the party. But, people will keep talking and people will keep remembering whether the good or bad side of that particular person.

About the appointed jugdes. Big question. How there is s a third person know about that particular confidential letter? I can't answer it, I believe you also hardly can answer it. Let it be. we just see, then we can talk about it.

NCER, EECR - good thing to know about them? But how to invlove? Please, anyone tell me.

At one point, it so difficult, so hard, make me so tired to differentiate the real thing and the speculation. Why real thing looks speculated?