Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adsense and New Users

Google Adsense as one of most popular advertising program has been used by almost advertisers, web publishers and bloggers. Google Adsense as one way of web publishers and bloggers can earn cash from the webs or blogs. Yeah, there are already a lot of people who make money through this advertising program. The problem, however occurs among the new users of of the Google Adsense especially the new bloggers. The new users can even make one cent for the first three or five months, sometimes for the first year they are using the Google Adsense.

For new bloggers who just started to use Google Adsense, they should learn more about the Google Adsense. It is not an easy making money advertising program. You must promote your blog as hard as you can and having the good contents in your blog is also a crucial thing. At one points, new users dissapointed with the income they could gain from Google Adsense, they started to cheat. This is the problem among new users of Google Adsense.

So the way you put Google Adsense in your blog also influence readers or surfers to click on the ads. So, maybe this is the only advise I can give. Be patient, you can't immediately rich with just using Google Adsense, find another trusted program that can help you increase your earnings.

p/s: I also found I have to be much patient using Google Adsense.