Monday, February 4, 2008

Ataturk:The Great Betrayer or The Great Modern Man of Turkey?

Turkey in the age of Uthmaniyah Empire, was the great Islamic Empire. I know a little bit about Mustapha Kemal Ataturk, the great secularist ever exist in Turkey. He started as an army, betrayed his very own country and became the head of Turkey. He claimed to make Turkey became the modern country and westernized it with all western elements, not for the sake of the citizens, but only to satisfied his ideology of being secularist.

Recently, I just finished reading a book with the title "Turki: Negara Dua Wajah-Pengkhianatan Ataturk Terhadap Dunia Islam". Basically it is written in Bahasa Melayu which the original book is in Bahasa Indonesia, but I think it okay for me to review it in English. When I read or if one day you read this book, there is one question to be answered.

QUESTION: Whether Ataturk is the great betrayer or the great modern man of Turkey?

In my view, it might be two type of answers to this question.

1. The secularists who tightly hold secularism in their heart will praise Ataturk as the man who had modernized Turkey and change Turkey to country of secularism. Ataturk made Western proud with him.

2. Muslim and Islamic world, with no doubt hate Ataturk so much, he separated the religion from life. He took away the freedom of speech, freedom of expression from people of Turkey.

In this book, the author based on his research and his view as a Muslim, wrote how Ataturk become the great betrayer of his country. He destroyed the system of Khilafah and and tried to destroy Islam in Turkey. Not only the author, but in his book, the author also stated some West wise people who also see Ataturk as the great betrayer not the the great modern man of Turkey.

This book revealed the life of Ataturk since he was kid. His family background and his education until he became the army, being promoted and finally became the President of Turkey. The author clearly wrote Ataturk's history in politics, the important persons around him who helped him to spread secularism in Turkey and the author also revealed few secret documents regarding relationship between Turkey and Englishmen.

This is the great book that must be read especially by Malaysian, Malay and Muslim in Malaysia and also in South East Asian, and also good for any secularists in Malaysia to know the real Ataturk.

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