Thursday, February 28, 2008

CBR 150 R

What the heck can I say? This is among the nicest ride to have. The new CBR 150 R. It comes in two color, - blue laser, and red warrior. Hey bloggers and readers who are riders,what are you thinking about this new ride???

I think I want one if I can effort it. IF. The great built of engine system, transmission, gear rate and the casing makes this ride as a new great ride. Maximum horse power = 18.98ps/10500rpm. Here to see more spesifications.

In my view, I can say the new CBR 150 R from Honda is quite moderate. Malaysian who hold the B2 license could have this bike without applying the B Full license, yeah, thats for sure. The both color ; blue laser and red worrior are pretty nice. The good choice of colors for this bike.

So, why don't start keep your eyes in this bike. I keep my eyes so much, I was impressed by the design, the capabilty and the style. It feel good IF I am able to have one of my one.

Hail new CBR 150 R!!!



for me, if u gimme 2 choice between fz150i and this cbr, i'll choose fz150i....
this cbr model still hang on caburetor system... better u try yamaha fz150i, malaysia first 150cc that comes will fuel injection..
beside, price dier yang lagi murah dari cbr...