Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Dream of MRCC

Again, I am here mumbling about the rubik's cube, speed cubing and speed cubers. Truely said, this is the Malaysian's Dream. I believe the small number of speed cubers in Malaysia want to expose themselves and show the unique side of being the speed cubers and for the sake to attract other Malaysian to join us and being among Malaysian speed cubers. Hei fellow readers and bloggers, don't accuse me of being unrealistic because you think Malaysian are incapable to solve the cube and being the speed cubers because some Malaysian have proven themselves of being Malaysian speed cubers. Don't believe in me? Click HERE to view the friendster's page of one of Malaysian speed cubers.

We, Malaysian speed cubers, have a big jealously against the speed cubers from others countries. They are d*mn experts and their speed are extremely incredible. Not one or two persons, but many speed cubers. So we have set our plan to spread this game among Malaysian and establish the real community to be called as Malaysian Rubik's Cube Community (MRCC).

Right now we have 2 groups on the net;

So, what are you waiting for, lets being a speed cubers, being one of us and being in the community.

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Hi faizal!

aku masa kecik2 suka benar main benda alah ni... tapi aku panggil 'kotak pusing2 pening'..

anyway...thanks for visiting my site!

cik nana.. terima kasih kerana sampai di sini.. itu pun nama yang baik jugak "kotak pusing2 pening" tp sebahagian daripada bermain benda ni secara serius, solving and timing.. nice right?