Monday, February 25, 2008

Financial Stuff

Howdy everybody on the net. Hope you have the great time of your life, but to have the great life is not an easy thing. Here, I think, one of the most important things in order to have the great life is to be wise in managing our financial. Having a lot of money makes people feels so good but unfortunately if we failed to manage the money, the spend and our financial, having a lot of money is nonsense and useless because money will slowly spent and the amount will reduce and the end all those money will gone. This situation will happen if you are a kind of person who are very poor in managing your finance.

Lets see a few steps to be taken in order to manage your finance so you can live the great life.

1. When you get the salary, save some amount first, then spend the rest. Don't spend first then you save, you will find that you spend more the you save. Save more is better.

2. Buy things when necessary only. When you're not hungry, don't buy food.

3. You smoke? Try to stop, I'm trying to stop. Smoke costs you a lot of money.

4. Do you have girlfriend or boyfriend? When you're out for dating, sharing is caring, so never let one side to spend for everything, that's not a true love.

5. Don't waste your money so much. Be wise is spending. That's the most important. BEING WISE.