Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Fire of 12th General Election

It is coming again for the 12th time. The time to determine the government that people want. The government people willing to choose. The flags are all around my beloved country. The Parliament had been dismissed. Lets feel the fire of 12th general election. People's leaders are giving their word, giving their promises and giving everything. But remember "politics never come clean". That's how politic works. I can't wait the day of voting because this general election is really extremely great to me. My first time. My first time to vote. D*mn, it's feel too good.

I try to be on the line. Honestly said, I can't deny there are too much development in my beloved country. People should grateful. But I also can't deny, there are still people who suffer in this beloved country. The fire of 12th general election to hot. Few months ago, a lot of issues arose that might influence this 12th general election. Yeah, it really around the corner and the fire become hotter. I can feel it, Malaysian can feel it.Altantuya, Hindraf, Soi Lek, the video between the lawyer and the judge and many more, I'm wondering if all those issues and cases might give huge implications to the fire of 12th general election.

The thing I want to emphasise, being honest and transparent to yourselves of who and which party you want to vote.

-your vote is a secret-



selamat mengundi, jom jalankan tanggungjawab sbg rakyat malaysia ;)

salam...tq sudi singgah dan tinggalkan jejak kat blog yg masih fresh lg...moga saya akan trus teruja tuk tulis entry yang seterusnya...ok...dan selamat mengundi buat semua warga Malaysia...buat pilihan yang tepat demi kepentingan bersama...

selamat datang ke blog ini rina dan kamar hati.. ya, api pilihanraya makin merah menyala!!