Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Firefox vs. IE

I am not an expert in computer and technology but I know quite a lot about these two things and i love Internet so much, I love being online and I spend a lot of mine on the net. Lets see. the differences berween Firefox and Internet Explorer, I had been used both browsers for long time, even though there are other browsers such as Opera and so on, but I just used other browsers for a few time. Basicallt, Firefox offers you to browse and surf faster comapred to IE, and most important, safer than IE. Surfers can view better image using Firefox than IE.

Plus I think, the Firefox's interface is beautiful than IE and it feels more comfortable using Firefox than IE. Mozilla also provides a lot of plug-ins and add-ons for Firefox's using that doens't offer by the owner of Internet Explorer. I found many friends of mine prefer using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. Ermm, why don't you try view this page to see the differences between Firefox and IE.



hmm...i think both browser have their own advantages, as well as their can work a script well while the other lack of,for conclusion, use both! haha...anyway, thanks for visiting my blog...hope u can be my regular visitor(hey, i've sent a new post, dude!)...jumpa lagi

yeah, i can't deny that both have their own advantages and weaknesses, but the problem with IE, it now overtaken by Firefox where this situation proving that Firefox better than IE, but it still depends on the choice of the surfers right?

weh, senang2 add la saya kat ym ngan friendster so that we can keep in touch,ok? emel saya ader kat profile blogger saya