Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The issue issued by Faces and supported by Advertlets regarding global warming and flood, I think it is a such interesting matters to be written especially by bloggers because some people think bloggers are blogging just for fun and just for the sake of spending bloggers' free time. Bloggers just like me, we also alert about certain big issues around us. Global warming, no doubt, is a big environmental issue nowadays. Basically, global warming occured because of the "green house effect" which mean the the hot light of sun trapped in the air caused the world's temperature to go high. This situation makes people around the world to feel worried, the ice melthing because of this global warming and cause the level of water to be increased and flood might come to take the place in very violence way.

I think many of you watch this UK's movie. FLOOD. Flood can be very dangerous and harzadous when it comes in extreme manner and without pity. Flood is natural disaster that hardly to be controlled eventhough there are many efforts and methods taken to prevent flood from happen. Like we watched in the movie, it was a catastrophic flood. Destroy everthing from the properties to the people's life. By making the comparation with the real condition of our world, the probabilities of such catastrophic flood to be happened is high. Maybe 80% or 90% because the global warming become worse and worsen. The factor is human itself. Human causes the global warming to endanger our very own lives and our beloved world.

So please, lets work together and put the effort eventhough just a small effort to help reducing the global warming and to prevent the natural destroyer such a catastrophic flood like seen in the "FLOOD" movie from occur.

p/s: Enviromental issue is everyone's matter not only the matter of Environmental Department



yeah.. i think you are right.. whether we realize or not, recently we always faced natural disaster.. global warming is very nasty.. :(