Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kaspersky - Amateur's Review

Good day everybody. Hope all of you are always in the pink of health and also I hope your personal computers, desktops, laptops, tablets and PDAs in the pink of health too. For ages, viruses and worms and everything similar to them be always the threat to the computers, digital and electronic gadjets. The existence of many kinds of anti-viruses, sometimes, make people, especially the amateur and newbies are facing trouble to choose which anti-virus is the best.

I was using few kinds of anti-viruses - the glamour ones, such as Norton, Mc Afee, Norman, and Panda. A few years ago I was trying this one - Kaspersky and I found itu quite good. At that time, I could describe it as the best anti-virus I ever use. It has a capability to detect and neutralize the threat which other anti-viruses can't detect or neutralize. I know because that time I was making a comparisan to other anti-virus (no need to state the name of the anti-virus here) by making certain experiments using my computer and my friend's computer. However I found that Kaspersky is to sensitive, like it will detect everything even though the thing that had been detected wil not cause harm to the computers. I found it quite disturbing too.

Unfortunately, I couldn't use Kaspersky to long because of some unpredictable situasions. I hope I will use it again.I'm thinking to get the original one but it is still under consideration. Too expensive.

The morale - never use the pirate version of anti-virus especially Kaspersky, or you will find yourselves in unpredictable situations.



salam..sorry have to post here..thank you for your kindness and sympathy..I really appreciate your thoughtfulness..

TQ sudi singgah blog saya. Saya gunakan Kaspersky sejak beli laptop baru awal April 2007 lepas. Setakat ini sangat-sangat puas hati terutama sekali kerana saya suka download MP3 atau file JPEG dari laptop orang. Sometime ada worm and virus yang cuba masuk laptop setiap kali download file but dengan Kaspersky ni walaupun sometimes disturbing tapi very-very OK. I think my laptop thank me for using Kaspesky anti-virus.

Salam Faizal! WOW! What a profile you have there. Salam perkenalan. Thanks for stopping by. Since you're talking about anti virus, the killer for MAWAR virus is not AVG.. hehe.. just to share. KApersky tak tau la plak. Got bitten by MAWAR! Bleek! Not a good experience though.
OK, nice to have a new friend, keep up the good work!

basically I can't deny how good Kaspersky is, the problem only arise when users used the pirate one.. hehehehe.. I used to use the pirate one, thats why unpredictable situation occurred, I no longer can update my Kaspersky at that time,then my pc start to meragam.. :)

saudari iza:
yeah, it really not a good experience when our beloved desktop or laoptop attacked my viruses and worms.. you know recently there are some kind of portable antivirus.. not so good, but not bad la..