Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rubik's - Experience of Mine

Howdy readers, bloggers and cubers. Thanks to Erno Rubik who created and designed the Rubik's Cube which has been played around the world right now. This is just a short entry I wanna write regarding my experience of playing rubik's cube. It just 3 years and I keep playing and improving myself. It is fun and at least I can spend my free time doing this good thing. It helps me training my mind to memorize and trains my muscle to reflect well when I am moving layer by layer of the rubik's. My younger sister learned to play rubik's from me and she can remember every move (layer by layer method) just in three days.

This is just my short experience as Malaysian cubers where few of my friends and I are ambitiously to spread this great little game around Malaysia.

Hail Malaysian cubers. Malaysia Boleh!!!