Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rubik's Maniac

Hello fellow readers. I hope peeps who are interested in rubik's cube will enter my blog and read the entry I wrote regarding this weird hobby. Particularly, this hobby only weird in Malaysia. People around me keep getting impressed when I was performing my capability to solve the rubiks. Actually it is nothing in the eyes who are more expert and faster than me. So people, why keep getting impressed by other people solving this rubik's? Why don't you start surfing the net, looking for tutorial and go out to any toys shops and get one of your rubik's cube now. Before that, the target group of this entry is Malaysian teenagers who interested or desire to give shot to learn this stuff.

You could find more about rubik's cube at

Get the original one of your rubik's cube now. For more information please surf



dude, i've created Friendster Group - Malaysian Rubik's Cube Community . Joint and get to know wach other now!

really. thanks dude for the info, I will join immediately.

rubik's maniac?? that's weird..

what's the friendster add?

what's friendster add do you mean? my personal friedster add or the friendster address for rubiks group?

i saw that in ToyRUs, they are selling the Rubik Cube for quick solving at around rm80 each...

Re: Hello
It's with 6 colors. I saw that there's one at RM24++, while the one at ~RM80 has 2 screwdrivers included in the package, with the label "for Quick Solving" on it.

Btw, the one in white looks cool, anything special?

hi guys.. i'm 30. can i join? Me and my friend can solve the cube in 1.30 min... but my brother in law can solve it below 30 sec... freak dude!!

Hi Neil. Great to see you on my blog. Basically, there are great players such as your brother in law. Me myself, my average time is still 1 min and 10sec, if I'm lucky, I might get 50 sec. In some countries, this game is so commercialize. As Malaysia, this thing on way to popular.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please refer to mu Rubik's Link if interested.