Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sport for entertaining people or just a Stupid violence?

Last night I was watching one of the greatest sport in the world which millions of people around the world are watching it. From United States to Indonesia, from Japan to Austria and from anywhere to everywhere. I also love that sport so much eventhough i know i have been lied by all those action because it is said to be the sport entertainment.

But sometimes I am wondering, because when I watched the sport, sometimes the thought comes to my mind. I am questioning whether the sport, for real, on the purpose for entertaining the millions audiences all round the world or it is just a stupid violence done by the people in the "business" to make their living?

I can't deny, even all those action were "acted" by "professional actors and actresses" but they feel the pain, they hurt and bleed. But, whatever we want to say about it, there are still many many many people who love it so much. They know those action not exactly real, but there is some kind of fun in that sport.

People have right to choose whatever they want to watch in order to have some fun. Some people choose to cook, some people choose to read, some people choose to sing, and some people choose to watch unreal violence action. So, its okay I think.

Not to mention what the sport is, you know which sport I mean. Everybody knows, even people who doesn't watch it know which sport I referred. So my answer to my very own question is both elements exist in that sport; (i) on the purpose of entertain people and (ii) just a stupid violence done by those pro's to gain the money and make their living.

I believe you have your own answer. I don't care what your opinion is, but its nice if you are willing to state your opinion in the comment page.

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yuRrkkK.. I hate violence so much.. erm but I think Randy Orton is cute.. :)