Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vantage Point dot Com dot My

I was surfing Faces and then found the opportunity (actually it is a contest for Advertlets bloggers) to blog about this website Vantage Point, the film which will be on cinema this February 2008, but I will not blog about the movie, its about the website I mentioned earlier. What can I say, when I was first viewing the website, I was impressed by its intro, the when the intro is done and it comes to view the surveillance, I was more impressed. The used of black color and the simple but nice design at the bottom of the web page, make it more attractive. However, the part of focusing on the cast is the best part to me. When I was moving my cursor, looking for the cast, then I got the cast, it zoomed in to give the bigger image, I like the way it was created. The used of macromedia flash is a good choice for this website.

But, there is but dude, the other best part is the games. Yeah, no lie, no cheat, I love the game so much. Especially the game of "neutralized the threat". It makes me feel like I'm a real Agent Barnes.. Hahahaha.. The instant recall, not bad I think, but I can do well because my memory quite good because I am a cubers and I have to remember a lot of algorithm. The voice is also make the website attractive and make it alive. I think I like everything about the website but I found one error, Faces put the wrong address, instead

The website also is giving the information about the film, the photos and the download, very good especially for those people who watch movies a lot. Viewing the web pages, make me feel that I must watch this movie plus I love action movies so much. One more thing, there is the actor from "Lost" series - Dr Jack.



Congratulations, you won those tickets!! One question though, have you found out how to join the break the code contest? I can't seem to find it on the site, only the list of prizes. I did try it on the international site but that was before i knew only US people could participate. -_-'

BYE! And see you there!! If you're coming lah.

looks like a nice moviee huh?

Sorry that you couldn't make it. Hope you can finish the work you have quick AND well. There will be other opportunities in the future (March, Josh says), so don't need to worry or anything. See you when i get the chance to see you!