Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Using Credit Card?

Ever ask yourselves why using credit card? Choose any ONE of the answers below:

A. To make your life easier
B. To make your life harder
C. Because you're to rich
D. Because you think you are rich
E. So people will think you are rich
F. Because you want to look like rich people
G. You just an idiot without any richness

The problem is you don't ever know why you are using credit card or you are not thinking when you are using a credit card. Credit card is not a toys. It must be used in very wise and careful way. You must hardly take care of your credit card especially the data because hackers, crackers, or any irresponsible persons mights get into your credit card's data and make you as the poorest people in the world with highest debt in the world.

Using credit card is not a problem. But to know about credit card is important. To know what kind of credit card you should use with your position, how to secure your credit, how to use your credit card wisely and what precaution should be taken regarding the security of the credit card. You can find out more about credit card at .



I don't use credit card. I think it little bit scary..