Saturday, March 29, 2008

32nd Important Match - Man Utd v Aston Villa


This is the 32nd important match which means, the Red Devil must win this game in order to secure its way for EPL's title. With the Blues is chasing real close which only 5 points behind the Red Devil, losing to Aston Villa should and must be not a good situation for my Manchester United. As the Red Devil wants the title, the Red Devil must win this 32nd game, whatever it takes and better with the big amount of goals like it did to Liverpool last week. No mistake to be done, the Blues and the Gunners are waiting the opportunity to lead the league and take over the league from Manchester United. Defeat Aston Villa means narrow down the chances for the Blues and Gunners to take over the league.

29th March 2008

1715 - London's time 0115 - Kuala Lumpur's time (30th March)

Old Trafford
(which again I believe the advantage for the Red Devil)

Red Devil must win the game - whatever it takes - no mistake