Thursday, March 6, 2008

Advertisement and Marketing

The style today is people keep their effort try to make money online i.e; advertisement on the blogs or websites, paid per click, affiliate programs and so on. For bloggers, they found by putting the advertisement on the blog for helping the marketing strategy of the companies give the opportunity to earn some money from their blogs. Usually they earn money when surfers click on the advertisement.

However, the probabilities for surfers to click on the advertisement pretty low especially for the new bloggers or for people who newly try those advertisement and marketing method. For amateurs, they hardly earn money from such advertisement and paid per click programs. To really earn money from those methods, the blogs must have high traffic with very good content which attract surfers. It is not an easy thing and required a very hard work.

But, it is not a problem, people have to put hard efforts in order to gain something especially money. Just try any trusted programs and never get scammed.



Yeah, I think so...the advertisement program could benefit,but hardly worthy...pulling crowd into blog is such a difficult thing unless your friends also active in blogging...right?

Salam Kerd,

Here I am,advertising my existence.Hahaha!

Honestly, I do get pissed off with friends who claimed that I haven't been i touch with them. Visit my blog, as simple as that. And why did I get pissed off?Those friends do not even know the perbezaan between blog and email.

And I tot I'm the orang purba there.Hehehe!

van der shraaf:
yeah, you got my point!!!

kak rai cutie:
i think your friends got a big problem when they can't differentiate between blog and email.. hahahaha.. and that's not cool.. it's good knowing kak rai is advertising the existence here.. :)