Saturday, March 1, 2008

As Newbies of Fedora

First of all, the best credit is for my best friend - Firdaus a.k.a Yeop for his willingness to install new operating system of Fedora in my beloved laptop. Thanks a lot buddy. After almost ten years, I am using Windows (and I still use it for now, but try to use the new Fedora more often), now I'm changing to the open source operating system.

I want to make a lil bit review about this Fedora that I'm using right now. Honestly, the interface, the graphic, the images, I like them so much. However as a newbie to this operating system, it is quite for to me to master everything in one or two days. I should learn more and more about using the terminal. At first, when I saw my friend did everything to install Fedora, I feel like I didn't know anything (yeah, I really didn't know because I am familiar only with Windows rather than other kinds of OS).

Plus, the music and video platform such as Media Player and Winamp can't be used within Fedora, its quite difficult to me to accept it at first but I have to accept it. But it is not a major problem because now I have learned to use the suitable music and video players - Rythmbox, Mplayer and VLC player. Thanks to Yeop again. In addition, I'm excited to use Open Office now because it had been so long I'm using Microsoft Office. Changing to the such new thing like Fedora OS ( I know it is not new to whom who already use Fedora for so long) is a good thing for me. I learned about other OS that might have better behaviour than Windows.

Now, when I'm surfing the net, updating my blog and spending my time right in front of my laptop, I always on Fedora, feel like a new life to me. It is just an analogy. New thing on the screen, it's d**n nice.

p/s:to those people who still loyal with Windows, hey guys. lets try open source OS, it too cool too..!!



is it good? i am hardly trust an open source since i've never try it before...

it can be trusted, but the problem is for the newbies, it quite hard to understanding everything.. so you need to make some research or learn from somebody who expert of using such open source. i'm also getting help from my friend who really good and knowledgeable about open source such Fedora..