Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Buzzfuse Buzzing Your Blogs, Photos, Songs and Other Works

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Upload your blogs, photos and songs then activate them on and just tag them with Buzzfuse. When people view your blogs, photos, songs and other works, the traffic will start come to your work. Plus, tell your friends and fans about it. You join it and will help you buzzing your works.

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Is it really work? I'm really doubt about it...

it depends on how good your blog is.. the quality.. and how much your blog can attract other people..

have to take along other few consideration, usuallt, for new blogger, its quite hard to get high traffic..

i hope that answer your doubtness..


Your blog really is informative.

The purple tinge on the last pic on my blog was from the lights off the boats behind. always look out for that sort of thing to add a little extra.

Try zimbio, webflux and technorati to get get traffic aswell.

what's with the rubic cubes then?

Thanks babooshka.. woah, the purple effect is because of the boats, cool.

The Rubik's Cube. It's my hobby and one serious hobby.