Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Canceling the Test

Hahahaha... My Malaysian Legal System's Lecturer is canceling the test today and it is postponed to Wednesday next week. So, I can prepare for the Constitutional Law's test which will be held tomorrow (Thursday) on 1030 am - 1130 am. Also, there will be one more test on tomorrow's night - Islamic and Asian Civilization - arrghhh.. lots of thing to be read and to be memorized.

Next week.. Two more tests to go and one assignment to be submitted on 4th April 2008..

What a hard period of time.. :(



oh good for you! :) I bet you'll have more time for revision huh? so, where are u taking up your law studies? UIA? I can see one lawyer in the making now...

you've got a great site too here, and enjoy visiting your blog!

btw Faizal, thanks for visiting my site, yes, it's purely a family site! :)

hi there puan farah, thanks for being on my blog.

I'm taking my law at UiTM Shah Alam, one of the best law school in Malaysia.

It's nice to see family's blog such as your. I'm also thinking to establish one family's blog but can't do it now because I think its better to focus on one blog first.

Thanks again.

All these exams,how do you have time to follow man. utd's progress. I agree they are looking like a winning team this season.

King of Torts is a john grissom book i read, and yes it'about the law.

hahaha.. exams and man utd's progress in two different entities.. whatsoever tests are coming, still have time for man utd LOL..

I didn't read john grissom book, maybe I should try to read.

hi faizal...

Cane test2 tu?
tak payah study rajin2 sgt... sikit2 cukup... serius, nasihat ni boleh pakai. kalau tak, takkan saya boleh grad...kan?kan?kan?

Nasib u cakap 'one of the best law school'... kalau tak saya lancar perang... hehehhe... juz kiddin.

hi KIV.. erm, those tests, biasa biasa je la.. just try my best, jawab memang boleh jawab, tp tatau la betul ke tidak :)