Saturday, March 29, 2008

Casebooks on Tort

To me, I'm considering the experience I had today when I bought the Casebook on Tort was kind a funny experience - I learned something to be more careful and alert. I went to find a house to be rented for the next term of my study because I'm no longer interested to live in hostel. My girlfriend accompanied me and we went by her car. The process had no problem. I found the house, the only issue is, I have to discuss with my other six friends if they will agree with my choice.

Then, we went to MPH Bookstore. Initially, I have no intention to buy any book, but then, when I saw there only two Casebooks on Tort left there, I just picked one and looked at the price. RM 29.90. I was shocked because it is very cheap for a law book. I really need the book, so without keep thinking longer, I just took the book and approached the cashier to pay for the book.

Suddenly, I saw at cashier machine, the price is RM129.90. The contract is already there. I couldn't revoke anymore. Then I realized I was making a mistake. When I looked at the price for the first time, I already felt the weird feeling because the book should more than RM100, but I didn't asked. The digit "1" at the price is so blur. If it not been seen carefully, nobody realize there is digit "1" there at the price.

Luckily, my girlfriend has extra money.

Today, it was the great lesson for me.



Haha..nasib got gf tolong pay for you...if not?...hw come lyk dat wan? u kne sue them rite? for misinformation?..get your ganti rugi...then u ken buy many2 law book..hahaha..just joking!!!:P mg u guys punya buk mg mahal...

haaa....kan dah cakap...beli kat koperasi je...tu la... degil lagi... hehehe...

hey AD.. yeah luckily my girlfriend just withdrew her money

cik KIV.. hahaha.. kalau ada jual kat koperasi, memang senang banyak la, takde masalahnye.. LOL

Strictly speaking, yes, the contract was concluded and there was no way for you to revoke them. But then, it is a voidable contract, since it was under a mistake of fact.