Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Colletion So Far - Till The Moment This Post is Written

When I started to play Rubik's Cube three years ago, I never believe it will become one of the obsessions in my life. When I started to play it, my intention was just to able to solve it. After a year, I started to solve it in shorter time (the encourage was given by my friend - big credit and thanks to Mr. Yeop).

My first Rubik's Cube is the cheap one, I keep it until this day but it cannot be used or played anymore. Then, my friend gave me one of his Rubik's Cube which made the cube as my second Rubik's Cube, still the other cheap one, but it had been modified by friend, so it could slide smoothly.

When the second Rubik's Cube also cannot be used anymore, I started to buy on my own. I bought two 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube and one 2x2x2 Rubik's cube. This is not just an ordinary hobby, it is an obsession. Not just play it for fun, but solve it and seriously play it and I can't stop play it.. Again, this is an obsession....



I had a rubiks cube years ago and learnt how to do it quite quickly.

No haven't seen anyone with ine here in the isle of man, but they are in shops so someone must have one.

Will let you know id i do.

hui rubik's cube pn bleh modify2 kaa...(@_@)

babooshka.. i think you should keep play it.. so fun and exciting...

Kak Nadia.. aah the rubiks memang boleh modified kasi more smooth..

somehow I am not interested in mind games eg. chess, checker and also, rubic cube. Is it indicates me that my mind is not so sharp?

hey my friend VDS.. dont be like that.. Rubik's Cube not only about having a sharp mind.. it is about memorizing and some skills also tricks.. you can find a lot of Rubik's tutorial on the net..

I saw someone with a rubiks cube on the bus yesterday. they were getting very fustrated with it.