Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Culinary School for Better Cook

Howdy everybody, this is really interested thing to be shared with ya. Do you ever think to learn how to cook in the most formal method? If you do, here you are - Culinary Art School: Serving Up Your New Career - here you could get information about culinary school all around the world especially in United States.

This is the website where you could find out almost everything about culinary art and chef schools. Here, you have opportunities to look for featured culinary articles, featured chef bios, culinary schools by themes, cooking schools by city and search by careers.

Find out about the few chef bios such as Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller. You will never regret surfing this website and improve some knowledge regarding culinary.

Surf culinary school finder and discover the art of culinary and the persuasion to be a chef.

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I used to be good at culinary art when I was a student. I did my degree in Uitm too, hotel management. :)

btw, yes sure we could exchange links. and just call me Farah. :) was a UiTM student? that's great..

Yeah, hotel management, I can say one of the coolest and pretty faculty in UiTM Shah Alam.. because it is Hotel Management, the students must be so good about hotel and management.

Your blog link already on my blog. :)

Hey dude, do you love cooking?
I love cooking, but only on tv. I mean, get my saliva flowing from my mouth. My favourite channel, AFC (Asian Food Channel). Am I good at cooking? No actually, but watching, yes.

hey dude vds:
I like to learn to cook.. hahaha.. but now, memang tak reti masak, reti makan jer.. I only know how to cook rice and maggi. :)

Salam Faizal...
I was involved in 'masak-masak' world as early as aged 12 when I tried to cook 'sawi masak air'... results to tasteless sawi immerse in plain boiled water... I failed to identified the ingredients needed. That was when my mom away from home.

The, through out years of daily cooking and experimenting try & error process. Once I taste the food at peoples' houses, warung, restaurant, my extra senses already developed. I can tell the elements of ingredients by tasting it.

Can we manage to get the links exchange?