Sunday, March 16, 2008

Defining the "Culture"

Culture is the life as a whole. Thus include the invention by a mankind and the way of thinking which is fulfill the need of the spiritual and physical aspects that able to bring peace and harmony in life. To generally understand the meaning of culture, culture is the life of the community as a whole or the thoughts and acts heritage from one generation to another generation through the learning process.

However, most people understand that culture only involved the aspects of music, dance, food and fashion. This kind of assumption is kind of narrow and limited definition. For the person who is expert in social science, the concept of culture is wider than mentioned above. In the sociology's perspective, culture includes the elements of belief, politics's value, taboo, morale, law, art, language and other material stuff.

Edward B. Taylor stated the classic definition of the concept of culture;

"Culture is one whole complex thing which consists the knowledge, the belief, art, politeness, law, taboo and other capabilities and habits which gained by mankind as a member of the community".

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Yes...but can culture find us?

Has it found you?

wow.. thst's quite hard to be answered.. personally I think culture can't find us, because human should establish the culture on their own.. so what's your opinion. I don't need the culture to find me.. I am the one who suit myself to the culture.

culture is the way a group of man live. But we can also adapt with culture we live in. Everyone has their own thought and behavior. That's why culture has obviously been seen in only certain aspect. In reality, we just different.

yeah, in reality we're different. sometimes culture is just like a symbol of the community.

I like this topic very thought provoking. I think in the uk we are losing our cutural grip, and yes we need to work harder at not turning into philistines.

The Isle of Man to answer you is what's called a "Crown Dependancy". We are part of the British Isles, but not part of the UK,hence the queen as the figure head( i wish she wasn't). We are part of Europe but not part of the EU,which is why we have our own government and our own laws, but to be honest they are mainly in line with the UK. The channel Islands are also the same. onfusing isn't it. Good articles on Wikipedia about it.

Yes know where malaysia is, never been, and yes it does look like a beautiful place to photograph.

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hi babooshka.. glad to have your another comment here..

thanks for the info of your place, I hope it will be useful for me..

one day if you have opportunity, come visit Malaysia..

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