Friday, March 28, 2008

D"mn Marching Test

I am joining the compulsory co-curricular activity called "kesatria negara" (nation's warrior). After eleven weeks of marching training, this evening, there was a marching test and the test was not going well. D*mn it. I made a few mistakes that not supposed to be done. It s**k.

I was quite nervous during the test, maybe that's the factor why I made those mistakes. I should step on my left leg, but I stepped on my right.

Yeah just wrote this entry because I'm so mad with myself. But I can't do nothing. Let's gone be by gone.

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marching? why is it compulsary?

it is compulsory because it is co-curricular activity which is a one of the requirement in my bachelor of legal study. That how malaysia's education work. Beside academic achievement, involving in c-curricular activity also important.