Saturday, March 8, 2008


For the first time, this morning around 1115am, I went out to fulfill my obligation as responsible citizen to vote the leader of the country I want. It was done. I did it as clean as I can, as honest as I can. At 5pm today, the voting counters will be closed and tonight the result will be announced and people of this country will know who win two third majority to build the government for next 5 years.

It will be suspend because I hope the political party I chose will win the area that it really want for so long. The "other" parties, they have less chance because they have no charisma and credibility. This 2008, hopefully will be another best year for political party I chose because last 5 years, it had done very well. :)

8th March 2008.

p/s:Ready for result tonight.



wow, voting for the very first time!
how is it feels? great?

hey, can you teach me how to make spaces between paragraphs? My blog shows the spaces in IE, but don't work in Mozilla Firefox....Just tell me how you do it...

yeah, its great.. but after knowing the result... didn't feel so good..

about the space between para.. I think I just push the enter button to make the space.. plus, I have viewed your blog several times using Firefox and nothing wrong with the space between para in your blog..