Monday, March 3, 2008

First Day of Cubing on the Street

Yeah, we already did it. Yesterday - Sunday 2nd March 2008. Myself and my other two friends, we were cubing on the street, tried to attract the attention of Malaysian to this mini game, but unfortunately, we were so dissapointed with the reactions of those Malaysian. They only walked through in front of us, saw us solving the Rubik's for a while then walked away. Maybe we quite lucky because there were two girls stopped, saw us solving the Rubik's and start asking about the Rubik's and how we solve it. Thank you to you two, I don't even know their names, but its okay, at least we know there are Malaysians who interested with this little Rubik's cube.

I can't blame those people. Maybe the method or the way we cubing on the street was not right. Maybe our approach was not suitable. Maybe the spot or the place where we were cubing is not the best venue. Maybe we should try other venues. Maybe. I was going back to hostel with headache and broken heart. At one stage, I feel that what we got on the street slowly vanish my spirit to keep spreading this game in my country. BUT I can't let it to happen.

However, it was nice experience of cubing on the street. Maybe we are the first three people who made it - Speed Cubing Street Performace. No shame man, no shame. We still proud of doing it and will do it again.

Thanks and credits to Firdaus and Hafiz. Keep cubing dudes.. !!!



Wahh this is interesting!!
Why don't you guys capture some videos of your performance in various places and put it on youtube. That's where people goes..

You'll find out that people will go out to seek for you at those places very soon.

Keep cubing!

yes bro.. your suggestion is already taken into consideration.. now, my friends and I will keep play and perform in various places and record it.. thanx bro..