Sunday, March 30, 2008

Giving Credit

Blogging becomes a great phenomena nowadays. Even though the percentage of bloggers compare to world population might be had a big gap but the number of bloggers keep increasing (just based of my rough observation).

I think giving credit should be one of most important thing in blogging, not only in academic writings or academic works. Especially when you are taking pictures from other websites or web pages or blogs. I'm frequently doing it - giving credit for pictures - because that's the only way I can show my thank for using other's pictures or graphics - even a small piece of picture.

If you didn't give credit to those who should receive it, you might commit the plagiarism. Or at least a kind of illegal copy.

For me, I try my best to give credits for the stuff which not mine - which I'm taking from other websites, web pages or blogs.

So, always give credit, one way to show the thanks and the appreciations.



Yeah, Plagiarism is big time over the net but I suppose if it's not used for making money, then I think it's okay. But yeah, giving credit to the source or modifying the image as much as possible is a fine idea ...

Oh and I'm really hoping Chelsea loses tonight. I hate them more than I hate MU ... LOL!

i wanna ask you something...if i want to take an article from a website and i publish it in my blog, is it illegal and non-ethical? Is it okay to take the article that don't have any copyright? If it's illegal, what should i do to make it legal? I hope you can help me since you're a law student.....

yeah, appreciating other's works is just a good thing. yeah, me also, I hate Chelsea more than I hate Arsenal. Chelsea is the most annoying team in football history especially that drogba.

hey my dude, VDS..
regarding your problem, just cited from where you took that article. but actually don't rely to much on this advice because I still didn't learn the copyright law in my first year. Cited the name of author, the sources, the date and so on.If it is not a copyright, just cited too if the info is given. Again - don't rely to much on my advice, this is as far as I know.