Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Asia's Better Blog Advertising Network"

Hello everyone out there or in here. Let me show you one developing marketing and advertising company and you will never regret if you give a shot to try it. This advertising company mainly opens its opportunity to Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers but bloggers from few other countries also able to join this advertising company. "Asia's Better Blog Advertising Network", this is what this advertising company all about and its name is Advertlets.

As other advertising program, Advertlets provides the opportunity to make money to both advertisers and bloggers. The nice thing I can say about Advertlets is its advertisement. The way its advertisement look is quite different. Full of colors and images, and it is attractive. Plus, it is based on the page impressions. Advertlets collaborates with Faces to make advertising, marketing and blogging more fun and full with happiness and everyone can enjoy by what they are doing. Whether they are the advertisers or bloggers, both parties are benefited from Advertlets program.

So, to any advertisers and bloggers who still didn't become part of Advertlets, why don't you try it know and you will find how interesting it is.



Wanna try a few but then don't have much time to do research about it. Which ad do you think is good for a start bro?

wah, my big bro is here.. usually, people start with google Adsense, but if you wanna try Malaysian kind of advertisement, you might want try this Advertlest, or try the Nuffnang, if I not mistaken..