Monday, March 31, 2008

I Don't Know What It Means...

Something really happened today. I supposed to have another Arabic test at 210pm. My first class today started at 8.30am till 1020am. After that class ended, I went to have "roti canai" and "limau suam" for my breakfast. Then I returned to my room, on my laptop, after few minutes, I discovered there was a problem with my laptop. It can't start the Windows. I tried with safe mode, but still can't enter Windows. I got so angry. I called my girlfriend, told her what happened. She told me to be patient; there might be something good, will happen today. I was so down - everything I saved in my C Hard Disk lost - pictures, songs and lots of videos - I can't even make the backup because I couldn't enter Windows. I checked using format screen, booting from the Windows CD, then, yeah, everything gone. My C Hard Disk is totally free without piece of data. I was so down - I lost my mood to study and I lost my spirit to face an Arabic test at 210pm.

So, I just formatted my laptop. Then, I went to Arabic class. Wait for ten minutes, all of sudden, the lecturer called one of us telling that the test is cancelled.

I don't know the meaning of what happened today - the problem with my laptop, and suddenly, the test is cancelled and postponed to Monday next week.

But then, I still disappointed with what happened to my laptop.



arabic test? sound quite interesting...i mean, i thought that you're not taking that subject since you're a law student....anyway, as a muslim, you have to believe that there must be something good behind a
bad cool dude...

Alamak, kesiannye Faizal! I hate it when that happens, it's the losing of ur old files that sucks the most!! Hope u can retrieve whatever is possible and cheer up! :)

Hey Faizal, these things happen. Well, consider it a fresh new start with a nice clean hard disk :D

Cheer up, things can only get better.

my dude VDS:
yeah, I believe there is sumthing good behind bad experience.. but you know, sumtimes, sumthing happen to sudden..

yeah.. I hate losing those beloved files, but luckily, few days before, my friends copied all song from my hard disk, so I just got back those songs from him..

Yeah, trying to cheer up!!

hey Nick
yeah, thanks for the courage.. thing get better now.. it already happened, so just accepted it..

Hi Faizal,
Don't be sad. Things happen for a reason. See, you even got all your songs back. That is a good sign. Hehe. I've experienced slightly the same problem as yours. But, what to do. Just accept it. Cheer up kay?=)