Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Sure but Not Confuse

I have something to write today but I'm not really sure what I gonna write. So, I take a decision of just mumbling in this post. Ermmm... mumble, mumble and mumble.

I'm not confused what I want to write. I am just not really sure. Do you understand what I mean because maybe people think because I'm confused so I don't really sure what I want to write. No, no and no.. I just no really sure but I'm not confuse mean, even if I'm confuse it doesn't mean I'm not really sure.. Yeah, something likes that...

I'm not feeling well this evening. Got some headache, so I just took two table of Panadol. At 5pm, I have to go for marching training..
Arghhhh.. Feeling so sick and unsure but not confuse..

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hehe..sometimes i have such problem...missing ideas from the head is painful...enough said, it's just everyone's daily problem...