Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just Around the Corner

4 days to go. We’re approaching the 12th Malaysian general election. All political parties work hard for their campaigns and keep deliver their own manifesto. Hail my country, the free country with wise restriction. So people can keep their speeches and expressions as long as they do not go beyond the limit that had been set up by the law especially our Federal Constitution.

The right wing with its own ways and the left parties with their own ways too. I don't want to sound so political, because I'm trying to be realistic where when one party becomes the Government, it cannot satisfied all people, but they try. Government did a lot of things for the sake of people. So I'm asking, if the other parties (I mean the opposition) become the Government, can you guarantee all those the unrealistic and irrelevant promises given by that opposition will become the reality? I don't think so.

I try to avoid mentioning any name of any party. This is a free country. You choose which party you want. That's your right. But remember, when your party loose, don't blame they party which has won. I hate reading about ghost voter and so on. Proof to me the existence of ghost voter because I totally don't believe in it.

No body perfect, but the Government we have today, try their best. I love my country.

p/s:Lets vote Malaysian..!!



Ho!ho! selamat Mengundi!! Choose the right ones. :)

yer saudari iza.. moh kita mengundi..

nak kawan xde hal di melaka..kolej yayasan melaka..

selamat datang saudara alan ke blog aku..

hehe tak penat lagi

so abg epi balik mengundi gak ke? maybe not right?