Monday, March 3, 2008

Multi Level Marketing - The Benefits and The Probs

The business, today, is going through the consistent revolution. From the existence of conventional business such as open your own grocery shop to the existence of businesses which is using many kinds of technology with their own unique system. Nowadays, the Multi Level Marketing is one of the most popular businesses in the world. There are thousands of MLM's companies all around the world. There are few type of system used by those MLM's companies such as Pyramid system, Matrix system and Hybrid system and there are other systems that might out of my knowledge.

As other businesses, Multi Level Marketing has its own criterions. Basically, MLM works on the basis of having up lines, down lines, sponsoring people to join the business and direct selling. MLM is analyzed differently by different persons because MLM has its own benefit and also, it creates problem. MLM, if it done in very consistent way, using the wise method and those persons are hardworking, they really can make a lot of money from this MLM business. There are many people who are making a lot of money from this kind of business.

To persuade people to join the MLM and become the down line (if you are the upline) is not an easy thing. He or she must have a very good soft skill and capable to communicate and persuade other person very well. Playing with emotion is one of the methods to persuade people to become our network but it still hardly to implement. People, who do not involve in MLM, usually have no trust of this MLM business, because there is system which only makes the up lines to be richer and the down lines still have to work hard and their income lesser.

The problem worsen when down lines stop to work and the up line also stop to work, then everyone get nothing. I personally experienced it as a up line, also as a down line.

The point here, is when you want to join MLM, choose the most trusted company. Make some research about them. Join if you are confident that you will consistently work and never stop to do it. I think I was making a mistake. :(