Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Dark "Lover"

It almost 4 years we been the "lovers" and it is my dark "lover". I spend most of time with it and without it, I feel like I can't do anything. Then who or maybe what is my "lover"? Instead of using "she", I use it. This is my dark "lover";

It is my sweet lovely laptop. Its age now is almost 4 years since early 2005. This thing has been giving me a lot of help, but also a lot of trouble too. I could say, I had spent almost RM1300 in 2006 when it started to slow down and worsen when the primary hard disk damaged.

Sometimes, I am thinking of selling it and buying another new laptop, but I can't do it. There are a lot of histories and stories between us. When it got sick, I did anything to cure the disease that attacked it. I take care and protect it as possible as I can. I did my assignment, I create my poem, I wrote my academic article - with its help. With it, I listen to my favorite music, I watch movies, I watch series, I watch music video and I play games.
With it, I surf the net, check my email and update my blog. I keep almost everything in its hard disk and I'm depending on it capability in order to do any job, any task, any work. My memories are in it. My knowledge, my thoughts and my feelings - I share with it and it keeps them securely.

Yeah, this is my dark "lover". The black Hyundai Corporation laptop - M-Life - Malaysian's built. With its ability and specification, honestly it is left behind compare to other more powerful laptops. But, it will still with me, as long as I believe I can rely on it. I will not leave you my dark "lover" just for this time, if I change my mind, I'm really sorry. Really really sorry.



Hi Faizal,

Thanks for dropping by My Journey To Recovery, and lovely comments.

Frankly, I'm still a smoker. I guess that's the only luxury I can indulge myself into nowadays.

See you around.

Greetings from Kuale Kangsor.

~ ArahMan7

mr arahman.. thanx for being here.. knowing u r people from kuala kangsor, is good coz i'm from perak too. hope i can gain sumthing for ur blog..

hahaha people fall in love with the laptop :P