Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pay Per Post - Newbie's Review

I was trying to find a good site to get paid by reviewing and posting the post on the blog. I just found a few before thing and suddenly, through one anonymous blog, I finally found this website for the word of mouth ethics and I was attracted mainly with the design of the website. I love the design of this web site of word of mouth ethics because the arrangement of the graphical elements and it is user-friendly.

They why I sign up for the Obviously because I want to take the opportunity it is offering to make some extra money and besides that, I can improve my ability to write a quality post and my ability to make a good review. Yeah, I found the reviews made by other bloggers who have joined this are so good. Where I heard about As I said before I found it from an anonymous blog and I just clicked on its PPP Direct.

I just joined it for few days or maybe weeks, so I still can't make any new friends, but I hope I can make friends later because I think I can learn something from those talented bloggers how to write a better post and make a better review. Besides, it is not wrong to have more friends especially if the new friends are from the other countries. It's cool man.

This is the spread of love of the word of mouth ethics.

The money I might earn, maybe I just use it for myself but if I'm able to get more extra extra extra money, I will donate some of it to any relevant welfare organization. It all depends of how much I can get. For those who read this, if you still didn't join the Why don't do it right now!!!



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