Saturday, March 15, 2008

Problem with Reading Materials

I think there might be some people who is facing the same problem as I face regarding the reading materials. I like to read. Yes I like to read and supposed to read a lot of reading materials relating to law and legal study. I supposed to read the law textbooks, the full cases, the cases' summaries, law articles and law journals.I also have to be so alerted with the recent and current cases by reading the news paper.

But, instead of reading all those materials said above, I prefer to read books which I know there is nothing from the books' content will be asked in the final examination. Recently I had read these four books:

1. Arqam: Tersungkur di Pintu Syurga. (Arqam: Fall at the Heaven's Door)

2.Turki: Negara Dua Wajah - Pengkhianatan Ataturk Terhadap Dunia Islam (Turkey: The Coutry with Two Faces - The Betray of Ataturk to the Muslim's World)

3. Kepada Mahathir - Kumpulan Puisi (To Mahathir - The Poem's Collection)

4. 1001 Soal-Soal Hidup (1001 Questions about Life)

As Malaysian and Malay, I read more books written in Bahasa Melayu, and I less to read English books- sometimes I read. I had made a review for the second book mentioned above - .

Right now, I'm in process of reading these two books:

1. Maunah Rahsia Dalam Rahsia - Kebenaran Yang Sebenar ( Maunah Secret in Secret - The Naked Truth)

2. Ahmadinejad: Singa Baru Dunia Islam (Ahmadinejad: The New Lion of Islam)

I hope I can finish these two books as soon as possible.

p/s: All 6 books mentioned are written in Bahasa Melayu, the English title in the brackets intentionally to give understanding to anybody who didn't speak Bahasa Melayu or didn't understand Bahasa Melayu.

p/ss: For non-Malaysians who have an intention to visit Malaysia whenever you want, I strongly recommend you to learn and understand Bahasa Melayu before you visit Malaysia.



I Faizal,

Just added your link. If you want me to change the link name to Faizal instead let know. Happy if you add mine to yours.

The Isle of Man is a small Island with the oldest parliament in the world. It's not part of the UK, but the queen is still the figurehead. complicated isn't it.

Its ok to read on anything you like. Dun limit it to ur field of study. Its good to know that u read all those materials... it help, really... in the sense of how u look at this world. By the way, I was a Law student, and I didn't read (legal materials) as much as my frens did, but I managed to graduate with good result (hehehehe). So, dun stuck with all those boring yet intersting materials...hahahhaa...

hi there KIV, so you're a Law student too? that's cool.. So, what kind of job you're doing right now?

serve the Malaysian people...

serve well okay.. and good luck..