Thursday, March 13, 2008

Remembering Memories

This is just a piece of story of my sweet past. I'm always remembering my buddies of MARA College Banting where I kept all the sweet memories with them in the deepest part of my mind and my heart. They are nice persons, nice friends and nice buddies. Yeah, when I'm remembering all those buddies of MARA College Banting, suddenly it also reminds me of one of my favorite shirt but unfortunately the shirt was gone and I can't even remember when and where I loose it. It was black shirt with funny thing and pictures designed on the shirt. I love that funny thing so much but I strongly not recommend you to do the thing as shown on my lost shirt below;
MARA College Banting and those buddies also remind me of one sophisticated calculator I ever used in my life - when I was doing my Math course there but now I'm no longer need to use calculator because law student doesn't count so much. The most complicated and expensive calculator I had used = RM450. However this high class calculator is still willing to befriend the 3310 Nokia (belongs to one of my buddies in MARA College Banting). Since I had started doing my legal study, I let the calculator to stay silently in my house and it do not need to work anymore for the rest of its life.The Memories Remain



hmm.. dah tukar bckground colour yer..

yeah, just changing.. nak rasa kaler hitam plak.. ada merah ngan biru sikit.. boring asik tgk background putih jer.. :)

huhu..zaizai,gdc aku da rosak kene gigit semut.siput betul semut... tapi,kat uni xleh gune pon gdc tu. rindu bangat sama kamu juge. aku lupe username and pasword nk log in. saya: naimah.

hahahaha... my old friend naimah.. lar, gdc tu takleh guna ek kat U ko. bis tu ko pakai calculator ape? fon nokia 3310 tu kalo ko nak tau, tu poknik budak medic punya.. hahaha.. rindu banget sama kamu juga..

at 1st i thot it was a kind of phone. dem biig phone! haha..turns out to be a calculator..never seen a blue aniway f^_^;