Friday, March 14, 2008

The Story of the Boy - part 1

This is the story of the boy who is living in the small town for almost 22 years. The journey of life - it is compulsory to be born to the world as a baby first, because that how life works, even though I believe some of us feel like we never been a kid. This boy had been a baby boy before he becomes what he is right now, the moment this thing is written.

Been a baby boy, the life went so smooth. Nothing to do by himself. Nothing to think about. Nothing to worry. No problem. No trouble. Nothing. Everything was taken care by his very responsible parents. This boy has a brother, actually his cousin, because before he was born, the parents took the nephew because the baby boy born to the world quite late, the parents can't wait. The cousin now is just like his real brother.

Being the baby boy, he cared about nothing, but he didn't know what he will face in the future (now he knows what he had been faced). Living in a small house at the small town with other three family members, the baby boy's life was nice. Parents and the brother love him so much. The life was easy and will never been this easy later. No expensive baby's clothes, no expensive baby's shoes and no expensive toys, but the baby boy's life was great, and that's made him to be so encouraged putting an efforts looking for some extra money. The baby boy was so happy for rest of his baby's life.

And that's the great thing about being the baby.