Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Technology: My Simple View

In some classes of people. there is still a polemic regarding the effects of technology. Let see it in a very simple view of mine (might be in yours too).

The great effect:

- Technology helps human to do their task faster and in easier method.
- Technology increases effectiveness and efficiency.
- Technology completes humans life.

The bad effects:

- Human spends a lot of money getting technology.
- Human abuses technology for own interest.
- Human refuses to being updates with the expand of technology.

My conclusion:
Technology has something to do for the sake of human but human always want to try and to feel the bad effects of technology. Technology is a static entity expanded by the power of human and controlled by human. Never blame the technology, blame the human who creates it, then abuses it.



I think that the one who invented technology should not be blamed, but rather the one who misuse it. Mankind is not so foolish, making something for bad cause, unless you're really evil. Evil man makes evil things. That's all.

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van der shraaf:
yeah human does not that fool creating technology with bad intention, the problem is the kind of people who misues it.. I agree with ya..

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ImHo. tha's why the open soure model is a good way to expend technologys. Since money aren't involves in it. Hence the technology is not govern by companies,cronies, and yeah evilz. How the end user applied the technology is totally up to them, for good o bad.

hello Mr yondie a.k.a caah (one of the Malaysian speed cuber), is I spell it right.. thanks for being in this blog and for the opinion.. It's good to hear from someone who really expert is the matter of open source.