Sunday, March 23, 2008

Then.... Now - Season Three

I watch a lot of tv dramas - about partners who work together but still having conflicts and confrontation against each other. What more I can say, the best partners and brothers I'd ever seen on television is two young ghost demon hunters - Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester - heroes in Supernatural drama series.

After I watched the first season and second season of Supernatural, now I'm getting the third season of it, more drama, more ghosts, more demons, more conflicts, more confrontations, more anger and more fun and excitement.

Chasing the ghosts, fighting the spirits and killing the demons - that what they do and they will never stop doing it because that is what they must do. Dean just having a year to live after sold his soul to the demon and this sh*t made his brother, Sam so angry with him. Arrogant - the attitude which own by both of them doesn't mean they didn't love each other - but the fight must go on to save the world from the evil spirits and demons.

What will happen next, just wait till the end of season three.. Is there the fourth season? or this might be the last season.. What will happen to both brothers, to Bobby, to Bela and other important roles of this drama..

We will see soon.. Don't forget to follow your third season of Supernatural..

REMEMBER.. Dean only has one year of life!!!
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