Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tutorial 5 on Constitutional Law

This morning, I woke up as early as 430am to finish my task on Constitutional Law (the tutorial exercise), mainly because it will be discussed in tutorial class at 1030am this morning by the lecturer. It was so cold, feel like just want to go back to my sleep, but I can't. Then I started to find my tutorial paper, the notes and my pen. This time tutorial is basically about the fundamental liberties or better known as human right. Article 5 to 13 of Malaysian Federal Constitution is about the fundamental liberties such as freedom to religion, freedom to expression, freedom to association and equality for every person. The tutorial only covered Article 5 - about the person's liberty, the detention, the right against unlawful detention, application for habeas corpus for detention which not in accordance with law and the law whether it includes both substantive and procedural law.

There are 16 questions and I only managed to do until question number 8, the I felt asleep, so I went back to my bed. Then, at 915am, I got a text message from the lecturer "Salam. Tutorial pd hr ni ditangguhkan. Saya masih on mc, blm sihat sepenuhnya. Tlg bg tau kwn2. Tq."

I hope my lecturer will get well soon. So, no discussion of the tutorial and I felt quite good because I still didn't finish the task. Ahh..

p/s: Finish the tasks as soon as possible. Never postpone.




Learning law to manipulate law...ek??? No la, just kidding... jadilah pengamal undang-undang yang memegang panji2 keadilan suatu hari nanti

ko beljar undang2 ker komp? Konfuse la aku....

Insyaallah, saya akan menjadi pemegang panji2 keadilan satu hari nanti..

my Bro van der shraaf:
aku student undang2 la.. hahaha.. kompt tu just a hobby jerla.. xtra knowledge la kiranya..

hye there faizal,

ur blog is just as charming. law student ek?


but I think not as charming as your lovely blog.. :).. yeah I'm the law student.