Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which One Stronger??

I should and must admit that I am a kind of tv addict, but I'm not actually watch my favorites series, movies and programs on the television, because I watch them on my laptop which stored in my 80 gigabytes external hard disk and seriously and honestly, 80 gigabyte is da*n never enough. Erm, maybe I should try to write or review more on my blog about the things I love to watch.

This time, I wanna try to make comparison between two heroes of tv drama namely Angel and Mick St. John. Frankly said, in eastern culture, there is no such thing of vampire - I said this because I'm from eastern block, but I love to watch that kind of thing on tv - what else - Angel, long time ago and now Moonlight, which the hero is Mick St. John - just a cool fighting guy.

I could say, there is like a revolution in matter of vampires as shown in both tv dramas. Or I could say, it is an improvement in vampire's stuff. The thing here, which one is stronger - Angel or Mick St. John? In Angel, vampires vanished when their hearts were stabbed with the stack, so as I remember, Angel had never been stacked, but in recent vampire's stuff, Mick St. John was stacked for a few times, because this time stabbing the vampires with stack no more can kill them, just to make the paralyze.

Actually there a lot of differences of vampire's matter in Angel and Mick St. John, but I don't want to review every difference. Above is the first difference, and the second difference is regarding the sunlight. If I'm not mistaken, in Angel, vampire will be burned if they were exposed to the sunlight, but Mick St. John, the vampires doesn't burn, sunlight just make them become weak and dehydrated.

So, I think, actually it quite hard to distinguish which one between Angel and Mick St. John is stronger because the existence of strengths and weaknesses between both them. However, whatever differences they have, they still the cool fighting vampires guy in their respective tv dramas.



I don't know who Mick St. John is cos I haven't seen that show but if you ask me, I think Hiro of Heroes will kick both their butts big time ... LOL!

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Nick Phillips:
Yeah, actually that show of Mick St. John is not available in Malaysia yet and not shown on tv yet.

Hiro of Heroes.. yeah, he quite good but he still human.. Angel and Mick, they are vampires, that is the unique and weird thing I like .. HAHAHA